The theme for Nottingham Refugee Week 2021 is…

We Will Never Walk Alone.

"Refugee Week is a UK-wide festival celebrating the contributions, creativity annd resilience of refugees." (Refugee Week coordinated by Counterpoint Arts).

Nottingham Refugee Week is act of welcome, a gesture of solidarity and a shared celebration with people who have sought refuge or asylum. The festival runs annually from Monday - Sunday during the week that includes World Refugee Day (20th June). This year Refugee Week is 14th - 20th June 2021

Because of restrictions on public gathering, in 2020 we hosted our very first online digital festival and also produced a creative activity pack which was posted out to individuals and families across the county. (Click on the image to download a copy of the creative activity pack). This years theme is "We Will Never Walk Alone". The theme is inspired by the imfamously profound and highly relevant 'I Have A Dream' speech by civilrights activist and leader Dr. Martin Luther King which highlights the continued fight against inequality and injustice for all.

Nottingham Refugee Week is a voluntary organising committee run in collaboration with our amazing local partners. We raise awareness of issues through Refugee Week, build local networks and support partners to plan and deliver events with and for local communities for the benefit of all. We aim to prioritise the voices and views of people with lived experience of seeking refuge and asylum. Any person, group or organisation can organise an event as part of Nottingham Refugee Week which means activities come in all shapes and sizes from arts and education to sport or culture.

Please get in touch if you'd like to talk to us about organising, sponsoring, donating or volunteering during Nottingham Refugee Week.

Thanks to all our partners, volunteers and visitors who supported us in 2020!


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If you would like to volunteer during Nottingham Refugee Week, please complete the online application form:

Partner Organisations


Five Leaves Bookshop


Nottingham Amnesty Group


Nottingham Central Library


Portland Centre

Rainbow Access and Social Project


Women of Faith, All Saints’ Church


World Jam


Funders & Supporters


Communities of Identity – (COI)


Thomas Farr

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Mailbox only: Nottingham Refugee Week Committee, Care Of Nottingham Refugee Forum, 33A Hungerhill Road, Nottingham NG3 4NB

About Us

Refugee Week in Nottingham is an act of welcome, a gesture of solidarity and a shared celebration. It exists both to raise awareness of the reasons why people are forced to seek refuge – persecution, war, poverty and conflict – and also to celebrate the contributions made by refugees and asylum seekers to the economic, cultural and social life of the city. Refugee Week began nationally in 1998 as a direct reaction to hostility in the media and society in general towards refugees and asylum seekers. It is now one of the leading national initiatives working to counter this negative climate, defending the importance of sanctuary and the benefits it can bring to both refugees and host communities. 

In Nottingham, Long Journey Home, a regional organisation worked with local agencies and 20+ Refugee Community Groups in Nottingham to organise regular annual Refugee Week activities in the city then Nottingham Beyond Borders was formed in 2009 to continue this work. At the beginning a newspaper was produced every year featuring stories and articles about refugees and asylum seekers. This was distributed alongside Refugee Week events and activities. In 2017 Nottingham Beyond Borders changed its name to Nottingham Refugee Week in order to make our aims and objectives clearer to the general public.

This year we are celebrating 20 years of Refugee Week in the UK. Celebrations in Nottingham will include a variety of events and activities hosted by individuals and organisations across the city. We invite you to attend events, try different food and music, ask questions and find out more about what is happening in Nottingham to create a culture of welcome. In a time when the numbers of people seeking sanctuary globally are the highest on record, and people are taking increasingly dangerous routes to safety, it is important that we show solidarity, understanding and tolerance to those seeking refuge in our city.

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