Making and Breaking Bread Together; Bakery Demonstrations

14/06/2021 - 20/06/2021
All Day

Each day of Refugee Week (14th – 20th June) we will share one demonstration video showing our community bakers making a new global bread recipe. Pop along to the launch to pick up ingredients and a recipe card then join us to bake from home.

Monday 14th June Beignets from Cameroon by Florette
Tuesday 15th June Flatbreads from Syria by Manal and Amjad
Wednesday 16th June Qarasa from Sudan by Fatima
Thursday 17th June Sawaya from Somalia by Hana
Friday 18th June Enjera from Eritrea by Ghidena

Packs of the ingredients for these 5 breads and instructions will be available from Sneinton Market on Saturday 12th June 10am-2pm.


  • Venue: Online
  • Hosted by: Unity Bakery
  • Notes: Family friendly though cooking/baking experience useful.
  • Cost: Free/Donations encouraged